Study in Japan – Best Guide to studying in Japan

study in japan

study in japan

ESOP Bangladesh LTD. is working as a Partner with JTS International Inc.,Japan. Jointly we are guiding students to enrol in Japan. ESOP helps students with counselling, informing pros and cons about Japanese Collage and universities. ESOP Bangladesh also referring students to enrol at affiliated universities.

Students can choose to enroll at their desired universities or ESOP/JTS affiliated universities or collages. In both cases we are supporting the students. ESOP Bangladesh LTD. Is providing information about list of items students needed to enrol in Japan. Also suggesting students about the things they should be prepared before proceeding japan. Free consultation is available. Please visit our office for details.

ESOP BANGLADESH LIMTED has expanded it’s business segment beyond Sub-Continent with Japan as well. With these continuation, ESOP BANGLADESH LIMTED made B2B with many Japanese IT companies Like Rakuten, NTT Data, Monosus, Monster Lab, Aquinex ect. and with other companies like Toyota and Nippon.

Another Most remarkable Business Development in Japan is the strong linkage with JTS International Inc, which has made bridge between ESOP BANGLADESH LIMTED and Japanese Universities/Educational Institutions. JTS has already established Affiliation between Murakomi Gakuen and ESOP BANGLADESH LIMTED.